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Feb 3, 2013 11:10pm PST
comeback drive on our defense. they made the plays on defense to get off the field. that helped them to win the game. >> joe flacco three touchdown passes for the post-season, 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions. he was named the game's mvp. the 49ers lose for the first time ever in a super bowl. they had been a perfect 5-0. from new orleans, i'm dave feldman, let's go back to you. >> thanks very much. dave was talking about it. one of the biggest surprises of the super bowl didn't happen on the field. many people believe it gave the niners a much needed game of pace. >> the power went out in the superdome. emergency power kicked in and kept the stadium from being completely dark most of the time. during the outage the fans were a little concerned about their safety. >> there are escalators are not working. the people surrounding us were totally drunk, disorderly. i figured if i had to get out from up on the terrace level i wouldn't be able to get out. some of those drunks would run right over and kill me. >> reporter: officials with the utility company in new orleans say all th
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
apprehension. he is on the offense. he is not on the defense. >> reporter: south pasadena police chief joseph payne used to recruit for the lapd and says dorner's military and police experience has enabled him to stay a few steps ahead. >> the fact that everything that he is doing right now seems to be calculated, i think it is all part of his plan to stretch our resources thin. >> reporter: this afternoon irvine and la palma police joined u.s. marshals in serving a search warrant on the la palma home where dorner's mother lives, and where he lived off and on. the search lasted several hours, and numerous items were removed from the home. police are not releasing details of what they seized from dorner's mother's home, but they will say their timing was deliberate. reporting from downtown los angeles, kim baldinado for nbc bay area news. >>> it starts off just with a simple search. a number of rooms which neighbors all looking for housing. but the home search for goods on craigslist are getting a little more than a roof over their head. giving the term "monthly pay" a whole new meaning
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2